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5 things that men never think when they mislead

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Why do men deceive? It's such an old question with so many answers!
Every man has a different reason for choosing to deceive. He may seek a little consolation because of the unsatisfactory relationship he is involved with, or maybe he is so selfish that he can not look further at his own need for pleasure. Or maybe it is just a very sad and mindless person with a propensity for self-destruction. While the famous and infamous Hollywood men are a cliché, cheating with a nanny or coming with a lipstick on their collar at home, most men have their own reasons for looking for sex and affection outside of an already existing relationship. One of them may be narcissism.

When men mislead, one thing is certain: they do not think beyond themselves.

Infidelity is a problem related to selfishness. While this act involves two people, men are not usually interested in the emotional needs of their mistresses. They only focus on their needs, and pursuing these needs often makes them ignore the impact their actions can have.

Men mistaken for personal reasons, but there are 5 things that they do not take into account when deciding to betray their partner:

Keeping a secret is exhausting

At first it seems very fun to be wrong. Men love the idea of doing something bad or tasting the forbidden fruit. Hiding something makes them feel like real spies. But have you ever seen a spy movie in which that agent stays too far behind the enemies? They eventually become naked, because to lead a double life requires an enormous amount of mental energy. Yes, sex in the dark may be invigorating at first, but ultimately sustaining lies, hiding messages and living a double life will have a substantial impact on their mental and physical well-being.

Contraception is only trustworthy

Men are not pleased when they need to use protective means, so expect the mistress to use birth control pills or take the pill the next day. The worst case is when the inevitable occurs and wants to get rid of an unexpected and unwanted task. They take responsibility for the woman they have an affair with and they have too much confidence that she will do all this. This is odd because their relationship is from the beginning of lies. If men forget to protect or neglect this when they cheat, then their lives can change dramatically.

We are all connected now

Years ago, if a man had an affair with a colleague, his wife or girlfriend had little chance of learning about their relationship. But it is now very easy to find out a forbidden meeting through social networks. Maybe another colleague labels the unbelievable man into a photo that appears too friendly to another woman. Or perhaps his mistress and wife have Facebook friends. Also, the beloved wife or lover can already suspect someone and start pursuing their work from the virtual environment. Keeping secrets is quite difficult nowadays, because social media reveals fairly easily the most uncomfortable things about people.

In the end, the truth always comes to light

This really happens! Even if they manage to keep their secret for even ten years, the cheaters are always caught. Sometimes they even want to get caught, sometimes not. But in 99% of cases the truth finally emerges, somehow they did not expect.

Infidelity is not just about him

This is the hardest lesson a man can learn about infidelity. Normally, he begins to deceive by concentrating completely on himself. The singular person is very often used by him at this stage. But once his infidelity is discovered, he quickly realizes that his actions have a major impact on so many people beyond that "eu." His partner feels betrayed, injured, and it may take years to trust someone. If the couple has children, they divide their family and give their life completely over their heads, making them lose the sense of security given by the unity of a family. The mistress will see the relationship as something wrong and forbidden, affecting his self-esteem because of the reaction of society to something he once thought was interesting. Infidelity always ends ugly for everyone!

Unfortunately, men forget or simply can not anticipate the inevitable conclusion and consequences of this action. They usually see it when it's too late. There are also many cases in which they do not learn anything from their own mistakes and continue to do the same once they are caught!

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