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The love story between Harry and Meghan. The meeting with Queen Elizabeth, the supreme test for them

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"When Harry met ... Meghan," it might be called the love story as in the movies between Prince Harry and the one who became his Saturday wife. Like any fairy tale, it was love at first glance, and the heroes had some obstacles overcome.

As Prince Harry was telling, "the stars were lined up" when he saw Meghan for the first time. It happened in the summer of 2016 when a common friend arranged for a meeting. Charles's quarters testified that, as soon as he had noticed her, she remembered that ... she could be chosen.

"I did not know much about him, and the only thing I asked, when I found out he wanted to meet us, was," Is he a good man? "Says Meghan Markle.

Andrew Morton, writer: "It was a moment that could take another turn. They were in the right place at the right time. Harry himself said the stars were aligned and I think he's right. If she had met Meghan 10 years before, when she was drowned, drunk by the bars, she would probably have smiled, would have said something nice and would have gone. But their meeting happened at a time when he was actually looking for a partner, and she was in a lifetime in which she wanted a partner, so a relationship was established. "

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