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    It all started in the summer. I was going to be in the last year of high school. I was happy with my family and friends when at one point I met him. I was at the wrong time and time. I was witnessing some things that marked me for myself. Everything that we think until that moment about my family has completely eroded. An unpredictable reality. In all that chaos he was. There was the infinite silence and the storm. It was, it would be what it is today ... It was something possible but impossible. When I first saw him as if I met something I had to look for. We started to talk and slowly discovered something about each other. He was married had a baby. That's why we decided to remain just friends. That's how I did. The problem was that he was a very important person in society and could not be pubic. In all this amalgam we made our time for the most beautiful memories. It's been a year and I realized I loved him. I have not stumbled for a moment to ruin our friendship for what I feel. In the second year she announces that she will divorce. In my heart I suffered enormously for that child. I tried to make him not give up ... I did not succeed. That's why I left without telling her. I remember now how we reviewed and I was crying in his arms. I have the mind to break up. He believed it. It's been a year since I left him. It was very difficult for me. I was crying all the time. I felt guilty and at the same time lacking. To calm down, my girlfriend met me with a boy. The husband I still have. She's getting dressed. When I met him he caught his calm and gentleness. He stayed with me even though I did not even notice him at first ... I wake up with him a few weeks later. He's been looking for me all the time ... Why did I leave ?! He divorced because he learned that the child is not his. My mother decided to be with the baby's father. After many tears and hugs I had my first night of love in my life. The next day to go everywhere he worked was the most stupid accident. While I was telling you the desire to break up with me, I got a phone call ... M was completely broken ... He had come in a coma plus disfigured ... He looks painfully sorry. She would remain and infirm. Fixed when I tried to split, I would split up with Him. It seems like the sky has fallen on me. Despite these things, the boy currently my husband, Andrew, remained with me all the time while I was studying at the hospitals. 6 months as he was in a coma, I was devastated. When she woke up and took her with the memory of 0 returning to the one that was plus to accept what came to the end two years passed ... I and Andrei were close. When He recovered how much to get out of the hospital he started a new perspective. We continued to keep in touch. In the meantime I have also attached Andrei with whom we have a boy. Andrew has never reproached me why I can not keep him as I keep on him. I really wanted him to be as before. Today I want Him to be at least alive ... And so Andrew with Him became friends in that period. We all went like this until 2016 when we get a call again ... It was January 25, 2016 ... After he left without a half body He also made a cardiac arrest ... I was devastated again ... On January 26, 2016 followed another phone ... My husband Andrew had an accident ... I was between two worlds ... My funeral or my husband. With my soul, I took the stranger to treat my husband. I could not get to the funeral ... My husband spent two months in a coma plus a cardiac arrest followed by seven stents ... I stayed with him hoping that this baby would not go through what I had with him. After half a year he was half-recovered. I took one from 0 with Andrei even though 90% is so good at the moment. Time passes less the deeds ... I miss enormously of Him. He was an extraordinary man from the beginning.
  4. Bunaaa! It's the first time I write so you do not judge me. It all started in the 9th grade of a joke. It was Friday before the penultimate course ... Eeu and my girlfriend (from that time) we decided to go for a walk through the high school yard. Walk when suddenly quiet corner of the building after a boy was given chance to fall on me and I never got to tell him than to see his face (he was cute, 1.70, brown hair and eyes ... His eyes were incredibly beautiful and blue. It was break the last course of the day I and my friend decided to go looking for him and make him my apology (actually wanted to know his name and where) I did not have to look far , it was at the door buildings (as if waiting for me) -You, who do you think? (I) - Excuse me, do we know each other? (he) -not I) - and then why do you suddenly take it (he) -but I do not get you, I really wanted to look for you and make you apologize (me) - Excuse me ?! For?! That I did nothing (he) yeah yeah yeah ... it was to get me down when you hit me (me) -and so?! You have not fallen so what matters :)) (he) -infinity let it fall I see I have no one to talk to (I) And let me go, he comes quickly in front of me and stops me. - Well, I'm Claudiu. -good are Cristina delighted .. (I stare in his eyes simply worship them) - Do not you give me your phone number? And bad here with my phone in my pocket I refused to say We do not have a phone -aaa ok - give me your fuck and I'm looking for you -but I do not have fb (which normal man does not have fb) Okay, then I say, and the bell had saved me for a moment After I did not say goodbye, I went to class ... That's how it was ... because I had seen them face up in the morning ... they were together for a few months, but I watched him look in the yard of high school, and I was looking for him ... until ... I'm in love with an Alex boy although it was not love in the first after some time I learned to love him ... Now I look back after regret that 4 years ago I did not give him the damn number ... I always look for fb and install I look at his pictures and cry ... I do not know if it's ok what i do since i am Married to Alex, I would like Claudiu to be Alex instead of Alex, when he comes from work and he enters Claudiu's door and wants to see him not Alex. I love him a lot but what's the point ... sure he probably looked at us if we met now and would say he loves me I would not care about my marriage I would choose them .... if he could give it back and wipe it all the day until he did it ... he's all I want Claudiu if by chance you will see this message ever ... know that everything I wrote is true and everything I feel for you will never quit I love you even if you do not!
  5. What signs do I leave you naked when you are emotionally injured? 1. Try to distract your attention at any cost You're trying to find things to keep you busy, not to let you think about the things that bother you. There are a million things that you think and you need to get rid of. So you do anything to calm your mind and organize your thoughts. And this can be both good and bad, depending on the choices of those fun. 2. Your sleep program is very unconventional Your sleep schedule varies from a lot of sleep to an acute lack of sleep. And this is caused by the fact that you tend to stay awake at night, struggling with your own thoughts and remembering all the things you've been through. 3. You have developed an obsession for things that you can not change You have an obsession for all the bad and negative things that have happened or are happening right now. You have a problem with giving up any thing that does not do you good, so you tend to make things more complicated before going out again in the light of the day. 4. You get things in a row You live in the moment, while the people around you are busy planning their future. Do not think about your plans for the future, because you're busy concentrating now. You spend your days doing things that make you feel good. Other people may think you're immature, but I do not know what's going on in your mind. 5. Analyze everything too much Your emotional wounds make you analyze everything too much. Even the smallest things can catch you and you can not help but develop an obsession for them too. We are all guilty of a thorough analysis or procrastination sometimes, but you go to extremes. 6. Cry for minor causes You are easily offended by minor things, things that others do not even think of. But it's part of a trial. As you heal and move on with your life, all these things will disappear. 7. Allow too many toxic people You're still hurt and vulnerable, so you're still looking for things you know. Unfortunately, what is familiar might be a toxic relationship or the presence of toxic people around you. People who love you do not understand that this hurts you even harder. 8. You are often too defensive You're defensive immediately. Even the smallest things can trigger this behavior and you immediately begin to defend yourself. You have a problem with people who are joking or laughing at you. Also, you can not accept criticism of any kind, because your heart is in a vulnerable state. 9. The others get angry at you too fast You have lost your patience, and this is why you are annoyed by the most trivial things that other people do. And this is a behavior that people misinterpret. They can not understand why you behave like this. If you notice these things in a person, try to empathize with it. The reason? It goes through a lot of pain and a difficult healing process.
  6. The future king met her second wife in the summer of 1971. There was a connection between them and the two took every opportunity to spend time together. But despite their proximity, it took three decades to marry. And all this time there were extra-marital adventures, numerous scandals, two divorces and many broken hearts. It is tempting to ask what turn would take everything if the two lovers were left together from the beginning. But as is usually the case with any separation, it is complicated. All the more so as one of the lovers is a future king. Here are five reasons why Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have not married since the beginning of their relationship: Prince Charles left at sea Prince Charles met Camilla Shand through a common friend, Chilean historian Lucia Santa Cruz. She was immediately fascinated by her, especially because she did not seem to be intimidated by his status and treated him as an ordinary person, according to the royal biographer Penny Juror, quoted by The two then met frequently in polo matches and then spent time together, secretly, in Broadlands, the domain owned by his uncle, Lord Mountbatten. But their relationship had a deadline. Prince Charles had to leave at sea with the Royal Navy on board the HMS frigate in early 1973. But instead of asking Camille to wait for him for eight months until he returned, Charles was afraid to express his feelings. And in his absence, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles. Camilla fell in love with Andrew Parker Bowles Camilla met her first husband in 1965 at her debut party. "He was 25 years old and she was a handsome officer in the Royal Knight, she was 17, but she was remarkably self-assured." Andrew simply went to her and told her "Let's dance." They danced and she in love, "says the biographer quoted. The relationship of the two men lasted for three years, being brimmed with divisions and reconciliations. Andrew was gone with his regiment when Camilla met Charles. Their unstable relationship was affected by Andrew's extramarital affairs. At one point, he also had an affair with Princess Anne, Charles's sister. According to the Penny Juror royal biographer, Andrew Parker Bowles's coveted bachelor status made him even more attractive to Camilla. Andrew asked her in marriage in March 1973, while Prince Charles was thousands of miles away in the West Indies. Camilla accepted and married the following year. She had a "reputation" Even if they confessed their feelings for each other, Prince Charles and Camilla were aware that they would never marry, given the strict rules and royal protocol of that time. First of all, even if his maternal grandfather was a baron, Camilla did not come from a sufficiently aristocratic family to be a good candidate for the role of a future queen. Secondly, the sexist rules that existed on the virginity of a royal bride would make their connection impossible. "In a case like yours, the man can shake his head and have as many adventures as he wants before marrying. But as a wife, she should choose a good, attractive and tender girl who would not have known another man before his, "wrote Prince Charles his uncle, Lord Mountbatten.
  7. Do you want to know what the ideal man looks like? Here's what features it has! 1. He knows how to listen Many men imagine that listening is just a passive action that does not require any effort. Although listening seems very simple, it is more than that. And the ideal man knows this. A man of this quality knows that listening to the partner is the most important thing he could do for it. The fact that he dedicates his time and energy means that he cares. 2. He knows how to talk He knows how to show up. He knows exactly how to express his emotions, how to outline his feelings, how to make his intentions known and how to make his point. Not only is it understood, but it's also a person you enjoy having a conversation. 3. He has a good soul He has a golden heart. A perfect man is good with every being, not because he loves him nicely, but because he is so. Because she cares. Because every person around him is just as important. Regardless of class, social status, relationship, age, ethnicity or gender. 4. It is open His mind is open, his horizons wide. It is ambitious and open to new ideas. That is why he is fully aware that the world is constantly changing, whether we like it or not. 5. It is empathetic Empathetic people can connect to a deep level with other people. I feel pain and happiness. It helps them over the heavy moments. It's the remarkable power to open your heart and let another person's energy flow pass. It is a feature only of good and courageous people. 6. He knows exactly who he is More importantly, the ideal man knows exactly what he wants from life. He is aware of his own person and does not deny who he is. He would never abandon his beliefs or opinions just because someone forced him. 7. It has real ambitions and important goals A man who knows what he wants and does anything to fulfill his goals is a man who radiates a strong and irresistible energy. It is the kind of man that any woman wants in his life. No one wants a man who does not get up from the couch and does not make any plans for the future. It takes action, not words. 8. It is an equal part in the relationship He has no problem in being led and in leading a relationship. A self-confident man has no problem when it comes to a life in two because he knows that relations are based on equality and compromise.
  8. Movie Name: Wonders of the Sea 3D Genre: Drama Action Thriller: Link:
  9. Name of the movie: The I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Special Genre of the film: Action SF Thriller: Link:
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    [Movie] The Condemned

    Name of the movie: The Condemned Genre of the film: Action SF Thriller: Link:
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    [Movie] Grown Ups 2

    Movie Name: Grown Ups 2 Genre of the film: Action SF Thriller: Link:
  13. Name: Master of None Genre: Drama Year of publication: 2016 Note: 8.7 / 10 Episodes / seasons: season / season 1 Trailer:
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    [Serial] Kakegurui

    Name: Kakegurui Genre: Anime Year of publication: 2016 Note: 8.7 / 10 Episodes / seasons: season / season 1 Trailer:
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    [Serial] Black

    Name: Black Genre: Drama Year of publication: 2016 Note: 8.7 / 10 Episodes / seasons: season / season 1 Trailer:
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    [Serial] Ungovernable

    Name: Ingobernable Genre: Drama Year of publication: 2016 Note: 8.7 / 10 Episodes / seasons: season / season 1 Trailer:
  17. Name: The six laughs Genre: Comedy Year of publication: 2016 Note: 8.7 / 10 Episodes / seasons: season / season 1 Trailer:
  18. Anime Title: 18if Number of episodes: 13 A brief description: Haruto Tsukishiro, a teenager, wakes up suddenly in the dream world, not knowing how he got there. Meet a girl named Lily who confesses to Haruto that she is suffering from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, a sleep like that. This syndrome occurs in people who suffer from inner pain in the real world. They can not wake up until they find their "inner peace". However, nothing is known about Haruto. Meet a cat doctor named Katsumi Kanzaki who wants to help him. Looking for answers, Haruto and Katsumi try to elucidate more mysteries: Witches, Lily and Haruto's impossibility to leave the world of dreams. Personal opinion: good Note to this anime: 8/10 Status: Finished AMV / Trailer:
  19. Anime Title: Akkun to Kanojo Number of episodes: 25 A brief description: The series follows different moments in the couple's life of two high school students, Akkun and Nontan. Akkun often behaves like a pig with Nontan, but nobody knows what deep feelings she can manage to hide. How does Nontan stand on Akkun and his hands? Personal opinion: Interesting Note given to this anime: 7/10 Status: - Finished AMV / Trailer:
  20. Anime Title: Alice to Zouroku Number of episodes: 12 A short description: The story features a little girl named Sana, one of the children who have the ability to "Alice's Dream," which allows him to materialize any thought. After escaping from a lab that used it as a guinea pig, Sana arrives in a normal world where an old man named Zouroku meets. Personal opinion: Interesting Note given to this anime: 7/10 Status: Finished AMV / Trailer:
  21. Anime Title: Amagi Brilliant Park Number of episodes: 13 A brief description: Kan ie Seiya, an intelligent and extremely narcissistic high school student, believes that the beautiful but reserved Sento Isuzu invited him to a meeting at Amagi Brilliant Park amusement park. To his despair, not only is the location a wandering feature, but the alleged meeting is a recruitment tour where Sento and princess Latifa Fleuranza, the owner of the theme park, ask him to be the new park manager. The cause of their despair? As provided in the land use contract, Amagi has less than three months to reach a 500,000 visitors or the park will be closed forever and the land will be taken over by a greedy real estate company. Seiya is conquered by the revelation that Amagi is not an amusement park; many employees are Earthly Maple - mysterious magical beings who live in the world of people and feed on the energy created by people's fun. Assured by the hopes and dreams of this far-fledged land, Seiya now has to use his innumerable abilities to put Amagi on his feet or watch him crash in front of his eyes Personal opinion: Interesting Note given to this anime: 7/10 Status: - Finished AMV / Trailer: