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  1. BirSaNN


    I chose this title because I wonder what you would do in the next story or what I will tell you below, I hope you like it and start. Chapter 1. Question I'm wondering how to formulate and not write a mess, but I do not care too much about it now. What would you do if the girl you love is with you and you want it, yet you can not? If that one hurts her and you can be better than him, yet you can not? If that person does not give peace, and you always think about it and you can not make her love you ...? Sad is a serial kara sevda - Emir is a rich, influential boy who can have what he wants and yet has forced a girl to be with him, to be his wife and not to be with the person she loves. He said that if he disappears, he dies and you are enormous to her but her love .... what would you do in this case? To forget about it is hard and after a while there is a memory with her and maybe a regret and you look back and you ask ... if we were doing that. This love has become so pathetic, and slightly influenced by a few problems. It is a torment and there is no dream and see it with another and you watch it like it is? . What would you do if the person you held up enormously with someone else and you feel sad and bad on the inside, and you say that you are well solved? The world begins to believe quickly in people and it is sad, and the tears fall because of a person you have separated is very sad. Time passes and you can not find a solution and eventually you get yourself defeated and you have to pass to the next person and leave. I hate this stress, quarrels, reproaches. In a relationship, be happy, stress free, and when the other person does not want anything, and you can see here or ask him or her the answer to the answer, the fight and the shit, or leave him alone, and he will bother you. I hurt her a lot I am conscious but I have nothing to do, I can not even change something, but I do not want to be angry because of me at all. There are many problems in a relationship and are hard to solve. Many unanswered questions ... and hard to do. We want to find ourselves in person, but are we happy if we do that? When you start a relationship to think about over the years, and what has made you meet, and what are the ruptures. Just do not try yourself, even if you can not love someone else. Do not start smoking and other stupid things that affect the relationship, you think it's good and I do not know but it's bad and the person next door will be disturbed. Always ask what a next day's question is and what you can change for yourself. But do not try alone in a different relationship to not care and to stay elsewhere your head is pathetic if you only try, it must always be a balance. So we continued what was still to be written. I thought it would be nice though that the worst part we think of the partner comes out and the other find out and see how it reacts. I mean, I still see rarely 13-year-olds, who at my age did not really think about doing anything anymore, and if they showed a conversation between a class 8 girl and a class 10 girl in that 10th grade tells him that at the age of 17 he only escapes, only he has the pff excuse. Or if it's not, it's coming out too late, it's too late to drink, it smokes can be exaggerated, and it's disturbing even if there's no way to change it, and breaks go. Otherwise, do not allow yourself to be sworn in / injured to get a palm or something ... well if you ... with another he sees you does not congratulate you in the end. What I see strangely many have expectations from the other person and when they do not want how they ... they split again. And you stay at night and wonder ... is it worth it? . Is it worth thinking about him / her? . And what's the worst after breaking a brother ... think about him / her crying crappy nonsense and think how he / she was with him / her and you can not get out of the state. But the time spent ... I see divide all the time and misunderstandings and I want to avoid misunderstandings with it and not to be all in vain with the time spent together, with the jokes and hugs not done to the cool. Time so ... you are with one 5 months, another 5 months and another 2 months is the year you were left alone and you ask it deserved? Do you cry after every person who did not understand you in the end ... and who did you expect from him / her? So take care when choosing a person ... and especially when you are doing the big step ... brother is not easy to have sex with a person especially because of love that others go with pleasure and do, but when you do it with the person you want and ... is a nice feeling and if the other has made a sacrifice about something kind to not be upset in the future. Now, this generation on phones and stupid, find out about 10 years of sex and the next one stays with a person for a few months and after touching will be different and sad .... Needle
  2. BirSaNN


    I love you, but I hate you so much lalala, that meloice flour so I will write about betrayal, hate, and what is good what is not good ... at the request of someone say to write this I hope you like and so much! Chapter 1. Betrayal We read this word and what do we think? Friends, former / former / family? In the first place when you start believing in a person you are shy of yourself, because you make some hope of desorts and I do not know what you have in dreams, but it is vain. What I know is everything is beautiful at first person is how you want you will be, but with time there are many dramas and there is a lot of hunger, and you ask yourself where is the person from the beginning? Just trust the people and it's not good to take refuge in you and look for something and you get to look through the stars and it's sad all the gates are closed. Many people come to want something from you ... since they give you the first message whether they just want to talk, be loved, fight, have sex, they want something from you. And with time it gets sad and goes to someone else, when it gets bored, and with friends you can not be with everyone to choose the best 1,2 and in which you have some great confidence anyway at the end the whole family stays and all disappear . But what I saw around you ... friends you call away leave next to you go to others talk to them they turn back talk to you and they go away and next to you and in time they will regret but you have nothing to regret is not your fault. I would like someone to show me where I'm wrong, when I have to love and when I have to silence, just let people enter my world, and you get attached to the people in your life and they go away and the heart gets scared and alarmed. After you get your eyes gaunt and after, and you are against yourself because of what? You've put a lot of feelings on some people who have gone to other people and if that's how they do not get well, you need people alive. People you call family and on which to rely but also when you feel hard in the morning, and confused and you have no goals, and do you focus only in the future what would be solving? Consciousness does not let you sleep and you think it's my fault? Did you have the impression that you are another person in the evening and the day ...? No matter what the consequences are going before and even if you hurt people not to resist with regrets, if you think it's good is good. There were 3 guys and they stayed 2 after a while ... they were considered brothers and they knew for 15 years and due to the entourage of the 3 boy he distanced them, and made his girlfriend, he had fun with others and he was just kidding a short time after he was tired of him, he drove him away and wanted to return to those who did well and accepted him. It's a shame they did not even notice him, and they did not forgive him until today, and he's gone away and he's upset now and always has fake friends, and he only knows what to choose. He chose, he regretted. You realize it is late or late when you are wrong and you have nothing to do. I gather pain only in my eyes and sometimes I wonder who you are, the family appears and disappears and annoys you and does not understand what you want to do but you know that they will never disappear. The time if there was a person was somebody sad, if you look at the people laughing only for the moment and more are sad .... The sad time takes loved ones with and with whom you have understood and cared for and that did not betray you and left you with no one and you feel somewhat left out. Sometimes you feel sad only when you see some things and forget to appreciate the meaning of life but the impression .... If you feel betrayed / cheated because of a boy / girl just was not to be spoiled by the waste time ... which makes you not be compatible and just be together and it appears - please forgive me. She catches her, and kneads her and nothing. Practically, it's hard to trust people ... in the family to always have. The family does not disappear, friends can always disappear where it is hot and where there is a spark, try to pay attention to the people you think they will not leave and ... but anyway you do not know the future so the time is cruel. The betrayal is like - Run away from the scene. Good night
  3. BirSaNN


    In this fan, I do not know what I'm going to write probably nonsense I have no inspiration and I can write about the green horses on the walls but see what I'm going to come out I hope to kill your time and so than to stay on fb ... let's start. Chapter 1. Something I sit so I ask what to write, I take a mouth of Chivas I'm still ... a word for 5 minutes that sad is this and I still think what to write. And yet all the days are a little tedious ... something that surprises you every day and you wonder what that influences you ... or what's the point? We do not know the signs that people are showing us or try with a lot of determination but we have other thoughts and stay long in the street and consciousness is allowed to sleep. You want to be happy ... and you only have tricks, but I still do not see you doing the right thing and happiness is with the wrong standards and still in their skin. I'm trying not to think about how things should be, but you pull in the chest and sometimes we look at other people and we remember and we no longer recognize it and it's sad. I want to finish what I'm writing here but I do not know if I can, when you have to motivate people, and give them attention and it's like a bad play. What's sad ... Some people like to argue and be master and do not get along with them, and when you do not put them in their minds and leave them alone, they get upset and tell you - again you go ... or you also know stressful relationships with one who wants to quarrel about everything. What else do I know, he tried with me anyway ... to ask for a phone look at messages at p ** what's wrong with that? When I hear this hurts my head ... you give her the phone he looks in the message finds nothing, give him the account what he has and what he / she wants but your dignity where is he? . Already through this gesture you sold somehow because it is not trust ... Missing and the lack of confidence appears when it wants this, and it is very sad and I find it stupid if you accept to give it the phone or something else. What I just think is in Religion, that is, I believe somewhat in God ... but in religion in the world and churches or do not support them ... nor you to be religious if you go to a church to tell a pop that you fucked yesterday or that ... do not forgive God, you forgive a gentleman or a slave who claims to be with him and is sad. You think at home you pray and you say something and that's it. What do you do when you have nothing to do? , I do not know but it's interesting to ask yourself this. You can always do something just do not know how or you can not do it. I was different in general because it was different and now I watch how time has passed and I see how I have evolved and do not make a difference if it is good or bad. I wonder that everything I can sum up sometimes to something small and shining ... sometimes to something big and something united family but sometimes if you want to go away, but if you want to stay ... sit and grab the fire at for a while, and all you have and see is only one night and a day. And if I was going to look at something, I would see my last tabs and the contents of everything ... and avoid the beginning that is not so shiny so far and it sucks. Others want to grow big ... adult but will be a child with debt. But to do what you like not to account for people, if you want to be different from other people it is not strange just that you do not feel good like the others. Now what sad world is enough to cut their current to get out of their house or .... or if they get out of technology they will give live pictures and ... I would be lying if I said that I was sitting without a phone or a computer or something for a whole day, you only get away with it and that's it. And the problems and thoughts of what you are going to do in the future ... and that time has passed and if you do not do what you have to do to trick you all your life and wash your dishes. Children go to school and have fun and do other things less and book until they wake up with an exam, teachers teach the same stuff 100 years ago, and teenagers go wrong and until they disappear, they will write on the crosses - R.I.P. And the world is getting hungry and outstripping something, and those who take advantage of it stay and do not work and are not tired. Do not forget the past and your past, the people who stood next to you who have taught you to write, read the do not forget and do not refer to the teachers! It passes through life, and if you did not make at least 1% of what you proposed ... it is very sad. They all say ... I have time but they will wake up when they have to do that and they do not want to know how to react and they will not rest even when they sleep. And it does not last for a long time until the stress is over, and it does not matter if the world understands you ... it matters to you to like the person if he does not understand you, he is a fool. And you sit and think about how the years have passed and when you are me
  4. Hey ... I have not written long ago and I said to please you and I think, to sleep and you will calm down who knows ... to annoy you to insolate you or I do not know what to write until now but I know I have a good condition and all I want is to write something. Chapter 1. Heart port on sight I do not know what you are doing, but I'm in a good shape and I do not think anyone could hurt my condition. And everyone I know ... I do not ask for many things, but I want to bring more and more things to see .... It is good to drink without tomorrow, and to feel no blame, and to sleep quietly no one to bother you and dream many pigs and how do you stop them in them and you get to smoke, fear or just fear . It is good to have a state of energy always, and not to get tired but to have what to do with it. And sometimes it's crap when a moment is more than you need, and alone in the room you say I punish to sit here and write without having much to cheer to write but I see too many movies more than HBO ..... I'm waiting for the moon to like the world, did you understand that? me neither . When you want something, you go away. When do not you come back but where? And later we'll talk about what I could have been if I did what was good in some moments. The reality is pretty sad and it breaks like stupid. They are attacking each other ... the one who does it well and the one who does it badly. The world and that's how it's going to be a problem at home and do not expect too much to bother me what I'm writing about here. And sometimes I do not know what it is, and in time everything will be the same. How hard I wrote was 30 minutes and I wrote a little. I hate the people who look at you in the eyes I do not really look in the eyes I do not know why but I feel nose and looked somehow know the state, you know what I say then. I like to ignore people who are stressing me and ... I'm listening to it but losing the thread and thinking about something else. For example, today at the English proof ... he was saying what he wanted, but I know how to speak in English and he was asking me kindergarten questions ... what words do you know? how do you say what's your name? Where would you like to go on vacation? . So brothers so questions do not know must be ... and if you listen to a song or you used the translation at least once in your life you do a link ... but if you are thinking about sex and stupidity and do not realize that you do not it's fine ... it's sad. Do you blame a steal you steals you to another country you bind and you do not want to talk ... and you feel sick, even if you go to the police ... anyway do not give you money to go back so avoid to fool you one had much to lose. And at first everything is nice as here ... and at the end you only want nothing like here. I'm gonna go smoke something. Hear the people who listen to you. And if you say in life is her turn, or ... you will wear like a drunk and leave, do not be sad. He wears the heart in sight to see the person who needs it but not too much to use. I'll continue tomorrow
  5. BirSaNN


    Hey ... I have not written anymore I have been with the stalling ferry and with others I did not really sit down to post and now to write something, to have a good evening and you and I. Chapter 1. improvement How are you ?! I eat a banana out now it's hot in the house it's cold and I'm wasting my time trying to know what to do .... Well let's talk about improvements to your own person and it will be ok and I want you to tell them all if you find something interesting here to read this .... I gave the ferry to the biology brother today was hard ... I do not know what the note I'm taking, but it does not matter anyway we are healthy. I would say if we were to write a topic of our choice, what we want, what would you choose? I'm sure about s or games and it's finally up to the subject. Today at 5 am I woke up at 3:30 m I lay down and I was thinking, I have to make an improvement to be better ... pff how did we have this idea? About 5-10 minutes until I put on the cigar after I went to the boat and that was it. But I would be thinking seriously if you bring an improvement You attract maybe a persuasion that will stay with you forever, you can be happy with your new, you can give it to people with this improvement. I would also say about physical improvement ... I mean, though, I have noticed that few are the ones who differentiate themselves and are also considered insane if they do ... do you have a tattoo? it means you've seen the world looking at you to see what's on you and somehow you're not interested in what they're saying just for a nice look or a memory not to forget something of a genre. Or if you want to color your hair and eh people around you begin to think it is a little embarrassing but you do not tell them anyway that it bothers you like eh. Well, well, with the change of hair I'm ok I want to make my silver hair and put two round piercings under my lip. It brings improvements to your own person but do not regret it later ... be happy with this change or new attribute! And so the world has problems, you can improve yourself and be amazed every day .... do not sign with regrets and black thoughts to banish them and do not be afraid to do something can be enjoyable. Babe brother and what do I want to say ... watching horror movies I do not like in general ... but I saw that I was running out of pff monsters, and outlast 2 even last night I played pff brother broke out of those monsters you hate and wake up with you with them and you are afraid, sick and cancer the game but .. i wonder if it would happen in real life i could escape ...? I mean, if I have the courage comes a monster and you run away ... if you run away you will escape but you can not fear that it will catch you and it is strange and demolished or numb or rising at least so looks .... And if you have improved your courage, you do not know what you will give in life or who you will give and you will have to run to live or to face it sounds a little bit but who knows there are many crap in the world. And today, before I get to school, I received a message that a friend died in an accident and he somehow destroyed my condition but ... sad to stand on a ladder to work on a pole on this heat for money and others. ... although you do it for the close person is a scary thing. You have improved your talent to the fullest, or an attribute of humor or something that will make you happy and get out of the situations easier. And many people can think of you and yesterday they remembered how you were and wonder how you got there, and you do not sit well and the thoughts push you make sure you do not get that way. I generally do what I like, and I say everything as I write here as I think without editing or something ... but if I regret something, it will not leave me a while. And if I get to regret, anyway I will not have time to regret .... Do what you like, do what you want, go away but do not regret the step you've been doing will keep track of your life and I'm still in bed and thinking about doing those things at the right time what it was like? I was small I did not know how to perceive the signs ... left or right and we bang them now I know them and I would like to be like then not to perceive them to know what I am ... to be in the way to choose something. Always add something new and try something new and assign it to you. maybe you'll never ask for anything even if you have to survive in life. Choose to always go through and demonstrate what you can. Do you feel that shyness when you have a lot to say but you can not? So by going through the events that follow you do not know what to say or how to perceive them. And now I'm giving you my advice. Close your eyes and you will see far away, only you can see with them open,
  6. First Name Surname: Rowan Sebastian Atkinson Place of birth Newcastle upon Tyne. Date of birth: 6 January 1955 Movies starring: Johnny English, Mr Beans Holiday. What do you like about this actor / actress ?: It's funny. Image:
  7. Surname First Name: Phoebe Tonkin Place of birth: Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin Date of birth: 12 July 1989 Movies in which he starred: Tomorrow, When the Began, The Billionaire Ransom, The Ever After .. What do you like about this actor / actress ?: Very talented, playing the roles very well. Image:
  8. Surname first: Danielle Campbell Place of birth: Hinsdale, Illinois, United States Date of birth: January 30, 1995 Films he played: F the Prom, Race to Redemption, Madea's Witness Protection What do you like about this actor / actress ?: She's a talented actress. Image:
  9. Surname first: Charles Michael Davis Place of birth: Dayton, Ohio, U.S. Date of birth: December 1, 1984 Movies starring: Battle Scars, The Proposal. What do you like about this actor / actress ?: Very talented. Image:
  10. First Name Surname: Steven Krueger Place of birth: Appleton, Wisconsin, United States Date of birth: May 25, 1989 Movies in which he starred: Satanic, Goosebumps. What do you like about this actor / actress ?: His talent in acting. Image: