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  1. Nume real: Rahu Nick pe server: McKenzie Vârsta (minim 15 ani) : 16 Link GameTracker cu orele (click) : https://www.gametracker.com/player/McKenzie/ Ai citit regulamentul? (click) : RULS Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie?: sorry i cant STEAM ON/OFF: OFF Poti intra pe server-ul de teamspeak 3: (Obligatoriu): yes i have ts3 and i will be right there after i got admin Experienta AMX: amx_banip,amx_addban,amx_cvar,amx_slapmenu,amx_banmenu,amx_kickmenu,amx_psay,amx_vote,amx_superslap,amx_advertistment...etc. i am experienced with amx and i am fondator in a po**CENZURAT**r server i wont say it here cause it would be advertistment if you to check then ask me. De ce doresti admin?: because i want to server be alright no camp/tb/cheats and help server for better communication.