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^Legend Is Tfue^

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  1. I want admin auto reclam because the gag me and another player without reason and he insults us and does not respect the model. de_alexandra0000.bmp de_alexandra0001.bmp HalfLife04.tga
  2. i want reclame 2 admin Cosmin, and extaZz, he stay in spec but if we typ u@ he doesn't slay campers and turn back player. de_dust2_20060004.bmp
  3. I would like to say that admins are disabled in server who are doing their own tb un camp but do not give any slay or kick but if i camp for 10 mins what should that kick the only if you kill an admin who kicks you kickedn who rules you On it HalfLife03.tga
  4. Nume real: Nika Nick: ^Legend Is Tfue^ Vârsta: 16 Ai citit regulamentul? (click) "da" ID Skype/Steam: Nika mamulia Link GameTracker cu orele (click) https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/^Legend+Is+Tfue^
  5. Hallo, my name is ^Legend Is Tfue^ i got ban with 0 reason i join the server and i got ban permanent with reason "am revenit" wtf i want unban pls because i got ban with 0 reason HalfLife00.tga