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  1. Your Nick: G-ZONE.cfg Admin's Nick: Marius The reason for banning: reklama Date: 17/3/2019 Proof: i got banned for long time with out picture or screenshot or proof. Steam Your ID: VALVE_0:4:983824062 Your Ip: Other: Before i bind "o" to reklama (say IP of server) and accidently i press it so he banned me please unban me
  2. Look at this picture I troll them then they Leave Gametracker link: Am i active ??? I'm Rank 6 By The Way
  3. Name: G-ZONE.cfg Nick: Akrem Link Gametracker: Have you read the rules ?: FURYBEST ID Y!M / STEAM : VALVE_0:4:983824062 I'm an experience player if you need admins i'm good player and i like the server
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