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  1. Name :- Hanky IP :- Steam ID :- Motive :- AIM Proof :- http://www.girlshare.ro/3490265274.1 Date and time :- 19:12 PM (4.02.2019) Other Information :-
  2. Da clar :))) nu ai facut nimic decat camp-zone si banuiesc ca celalalt cu pro @adicondel e "xls" care facea TB, ti am dat gag aiurea a? Eu imi fac treaba corect @Killer3 u say pro, but do u have some proofs or smth that u say PRO? @adicondel fara motiv zici? https://imgur.com/a/EM0Cebt Cu aceea poza pe care tu ai pus o aici ce voiai sa rezolvi? Ti am spus lucrurile alea sa ma lasi dracu in pace, pentru ca vorbeai aiurea, eu nu sunt admin pe server fara sa n am habar de ceva! Astea de ce nu le arati? : https://imgur.com/a/N4ODbdx ; https://imgur.com/a/pOZTu2D APROPO DE FIECARE DATA CAND PRIMITI SLAY V AM spamat cu aceste cuvinte "CT DON'T CAMP, TURN BACK OR STAND AND FIRE -> SLAY/KICK/BAN !!!" si v am scris si special ce faceati gresit ! ( poate voi 2 sunteti prieteni si incercati sa ma ardeti cumva, dar problema e ca nu aveti cum, eu tot ce fac pe server fac corect si dupa reguli! ) Va place voua sa judecati, sa dati din gura, dar nu va uitati la voi niciodata asa trista e viata :c edit: Si cum a zis si @FlyingTudorE Htc era pe server, daca faceam abuz imi luam PIKA ? EDIT 2: ENG VERSION Yea sure :))) u didn't do nothing just camp-zone and i guess the other guy with pro @adicondel is "xls" who did TB, i gave u gag foolish? I do my job correct @Killer3 u say pro, but do u have some proofs or smth that u say PRO? @adicondel without reason u say? https://imgur.com/a/EM0Cebt What u wanted to fix with that photo? I told u that things to leave me alone, bcs u spike foolish, I'm not admin on the server without knowing nothing Why do u not show this? : https://imgur.com/a/N4ODbdx ; https://imgur.com/a/pOZTu2D BTW EVERY TIME WHEN I SLAY I SPAM THIS WORDS "CT DON'T CAMP, TURN BACK OR STAND AND FIRE -> SLAY/KICK/BAN !!!" and I told in special what u did wrong ( maybe u 2 are friends and try to "burn" me somehow, but the problem is that there's no way, everything I do on the server i do correct and according to rules! ) Maybe u like to judge, running your mouth off, but you never look at yourselfs, how sad life is :c EDIT: and how @FlyingTudorE said htc has been on the server, if I did abuse commands I would have taken PIKA
  3. Nick:- xQz|MaDaFaKa Grade :- Moderator Other Information :-
  4. Name :- Bogdan IP :- Steam ID :- STEAM_1:0:577029116 Motive :- AIM Proof :- http://www.girlshare.ro/3490260990.7 Date and time :-19:40 PM (22/2/2019) Other Information :-
  5. Name :- Vendetta IP :- Steam ID :- Motive :- AIM Proof :- http://www.girlshare.ro/3490260528.7 Date and time :-21:38 PM (21/02/2019) Other Information :-
  6. I made this report not to rmv him, or downgrade Just an advertisment bcs I don't like this atitude You like people to tell u that u are an idiot and noob? EDIT: Give me a reason u came with contra
  7. Nick: xQz|MaDaFaKa Nick-ul adminului : Ted DiBiase Data si ora: between 19:00-20:00 17/2/2019 Motivul reclamatiei : Language Dovada ( ss / demo ) :- https://imgur.com/a/jZPWkTO Other Infortmation :-
  8. xQzMaDaFaKa


    Contra, nu ai ore.
  9. Copy paste Not a trusted guy CONTRA
  10. Nick: xQz|MaDaFaKa Nick-ul adminului : Sader, Teza Data si ora: 14:18 PM 13/2/2019 Motivul reclamatiei : Someone came from another server and said he's gonna make this two guys admin, and they accepted that i gave him voteban here is the IP: pHeNoMeNaL^ - Dovada ( ss / demo ) :- https://imgur.com/a/zknSo8j Other Infortmation :-
  11. Nick in the server : xQz|MaDaFaKa Grade :- Helper Link of banlist :- Idea :-
  12. I want to say contra, for copy paste
  13. Name :- BEGII IP :- Steam ID :- Motive :- AIM Proof :- http://www.girlshare.ro/3490256235.4 Date and time :- 23:28 PM 11/2/2019 Other Information :-
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