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  1. Întrebarea / problema dvs. și câteva detalii despre aceasta » hi kenny i have added your addons of **CENZURAT** in my server .but there is no modes of bomb like (normal , impact , motion server, homing...etc) can you please tell me solution/ Link direct/screen shot (dacă este necesar) »no have
  2. Accepted nick and pass in pm!! and make banlist and be active or remove.. t/c
  3. juNNNNNkie


    t.y but give me link of danne addons furien classic where should i download them?
  4. juNNNNNkie


    can i have link from i download it??
  5. juNNNNNkie


    Your question / problem and some details about it » i just want furien classic addons (good_) please if anyone have give me link Direct link / screen shot (if necessary) » - * All questions / issues will be made / and i want bots in spec amxx. and beneficii .amxx (/beneficii)
  6. juNNNNNkie


    rejected.. i didnt see any activity from you on server and in game ... make some activity then make req
  7. if you want to donate come pm acceoted. t/c
  8. accepted nick and pass in pm! t/c
  9. Accepted nick and pass in pm ! ... t/c
  10. Accepted .. nick and pass in pm !.... t/c
  11. MODEL. 1.Your name : 2.Nick in cs : 3.How old are you ? : 4.How did you hear about this server? : 5.Do you can invite player player play on this server ? : 6.Can You Donate for this server ? 7.Contact(Fb,Skype,Teamspeak3):
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