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  1. Hello everybody, I thought we should do a little competition with a prize, The top 15 will be reset on the 1st of March, And then, top 3 players are going to get prizes later to be announced, Everybody who wishes to participate in this competition must do a reply here with this model :- Nick:- Grade :- Other Information :- Good luck everyone, Have fun ! Note:- NO AFK PLAYERS IN THE RESPAWN MODE.
  2. Accepted, Welcome back. pm with nick and pass.
  3. Nick :- What is your idea ? How could it help the server ? Link for download :- Other information
  4. Nick : Grade in server :- reason for absent / retrage For who much will you be absent? (In case of absent reuqest ONLY) Other information :-
  5. Nick :- New Nick :- Grade :- Other information:- NOTE:- once you have changed your nick, you lose all the hours you had on your old nick.
  6. Hello, This topic is here for anyone who wants to boost / donate for admin grade on the server. First of all, the donations are given to @WillSmith and @zayn only, not to anybody else, If you wanted to pay using PayPal, please contact us on facebook / forum / on the game. ( Klaus Daniel , Chris Daniel) This post will be updated everytime we have new offers, for now the grade's prices are. 1- FTP - Acces 100 euro, Grade 50 euro. 2- Leader beneficii 10 euro, Leader without beneficii - 8 euro. 3- Owner beneficii 7 euro, Owner without beneficii 6 euro. 4- Co-owner beneficii 5 euro, Co-owner without beneficii 4 euro. Each boost is +1 to your original grade on the server ( BENEFICII GRADES NOT INCLUDED ) Anyone who did boost, Do it with your nick and post the Screenshot of the boost in the replies to this topic. Have fun !
  7. zayn Will Smith. not.responding farmacia inimii catena hTc x ; N2 TaRbaCy Eazy E Sbehat bLue ;x Razzerwow^-^ RiCo Danza.! K10 xxxtentacion d3v1l m0nst3r xQz|MadaFaKa haarchee2K adidas[;x] Dr. hiT^Diwino*cL Rampage M!ster Auto Andrei # edilson eli The_kox K4K40 P4K40 0N!ZUkA; ALLN. 212r3d4 FlyingTudorE AlexVulcu dll^Random. fPs # oSd aGm Legends
  8. Sorry, There is NO such admin with this nick in the server, T/C.
  9. Helper, step by step. Check this https://ruls.ro/forum/topic/5020-attention-for-all-admins/?tab=comments#comment-18055 and fill it please. @Edi321
  10. Accepted, pm with nick and pass. And also fill this https://ruls.ro/forum/topic/5020-attention-for-all-admins/?tab=comments#comment-18055 @Eli123 T/C
  11. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH Accepted, send nick and pass in pm. Note: - you got pika today for language, try not to swear alot :)) @212r3d4 check this https://ruls.ro/forum/topic/5020-attention-for-all-admins/?tab=comments#comment-18055 and fill it.
  12. Accepted, send nick + pass to me in pm, lock.
  13. I'll let him pass with adv, next -1, Lock.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. REMINDER Any oneof the admins who didnt do the right model or didnt post here will get remove in the date mentioned earlier
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