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  1. Name:Danish nick: s1mple ID Y!M / STEAM STEAM_1:0:286831965 Have you read the rules ?:yes Link GameTracker: Why do you want admin here? : BEACAUSE i help this server and Proctect This server Form HAckers and Aimers Describes your activity in recent days: I Ban Hackers i slay Campers Admin on day or night?: both 5hurs Can you help the server with a donation ?:Sorry
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    Cereri GOD

    GT LINK THIS*PlaY4Fun* *aAa*PoWeR/
  3. faizan

  4. faizan

    Cereri GOD

    MODEL REQUEST ADMIN 1. Name: Danish 2 HOURS players (you can see AIC I !)*PlaY4Fun*+*aAa*PoWeR 3. How can we contact you? : FACEBOOK 4. AGE: 18 5. ARE YOU DISTINGUISHED ON A DONATION? : SORRY 5.1 THE AMOUNT TO WHICH YOU CAN DONATE: SORRY 5.2 THE METHOD THAT YOU GIVE: Yes 6. THE GRADER WANTED: GOD 7. HAVE YOU READ THE REGULATION? :Yes 8.Detii Teamspeak ?:Yes <3
  5. Name: No SpeeD :( Age: 17 Why do you apply for this degree: To help the forum Posts: 4 Short Description: I am a smart boy in my spare time playing games and other games. I would like on the technology section
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