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  1. M!StER


    Cool, that's very nice Avoid the post-hunt, lf you want To reply here, you must respect the model shown below.
  2. M!StER

    ??????? ?!????.

    Name : IP : Steam ID : Motive : Proof : Date And Time : Other Information :
  3. MODEL ADMIN: 1.Name: Muazzam 2.Nick: M!StER 3.ID Y! M / STEAM: - 4. Have you read the guidelines ?: No, And I don't respect. 5.Link GameTracker: 6. Why do you want admin here? : To help the server 7. Write down your activity in the past few days: I don't know that server re open but now I know from today I start playing 8. Day / night manager? : both 9. Can you help the server with a donation ?: Yes can Boost
  4. Nick: M!StER Numele adminului care te-a banat: pRo*Legenda* IP (click): STEAM ID (îl afli tastând status în consolă): - Data si ora: Now Motiv: Aim + nvidia Adminul care te-a banat a procedat corect?: No he banned me unfairly I wasn't using aim and even he didn't ask me for scan Dovezi (se accepta numai SS/ demo in consola) :
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