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TeamSpeak3 - TS.RULS.RO



  1. 177 posts
  2. Request permanent channels

    Do you want a permanent channel for your clan or group of people who used to spend time online? Then post here.

    36 posts
  3. 290 posts
  4. Complaints

    Do you think you were unfairly by a staff member or a Member? Then make a complaint here!
    15 posts
  5. Requests Unban

    Do you think you got a ban on unfair? I don't know why you got the ban?Then make a request here!

    42 posts
  6. Tutorials

    In this category you'll find tutorials that you instruct step by step regarding what you need to set the server TS3.Don't hesitate if you have a problem post here.

    16 posts
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