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[Plugin] [CSS/CS:GO] Roll The Dice 1.1.1

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Despre Acest Fișier

*Nume: Roll The Dice

Descriere: Players can roll a dice by saying !rollthedice or !rtd and get one of these for the current round:
get random amount of health
loose random amount of health (slap)
get random amount of money
loose random amount of money
get random weapon
loose random weapon
increase walking speed
decrease walking speed
glow (still needs some work)
vampire: get HP for damage given to other players
mirror damage: loose HP when hitting other players
sunglasses: flashbangs won't bother you anymore
druggy view (temporarily disabled)
berserker: get health, armor and speed boost, can only use knife which instantly kills your victims
infinite ammo
jammed weapons
froggy jumping

* Instalare: Unzip the archive to your cstrike folder. If you want to disable specific features, see cstrike/addons/sourcemod/config/ata_rollthedice.cfg.
Version >=0.3 requires the Dukehacks extension. I added a "nodukehacks" version which doesn't require the extension in case you are too lazy to install it although it's missing that nice knockback in berserker mode and I didn't test this version at all. So go for the normal dukehacks version unless you have good reasons not to use it!

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